D800 Body Sigma 24-70

Nikon D800 body and Sigma 24-70 f2.8 lens

I’m selling my D800 body to make room (and some cash!) to buy a D850. Apart from lust, the main reason I want to change is so both my Nikons have similar characteristics – for instance, the button to change ISO will be in the same place. At my age, the less I have to think about when I’m taking photos, the better the result. I’m also considering upgrading my 24-70 lens for similar reasons, although this time the limiting factor will be my ability to see what is in focus – I will want to trust the camera and lens to hit focus accurately and fast, every time, and while this is a great lens optically, switching to manual focus for fine tuning is a bit clunky.

Neither of these problems is insurmountable, so I won’t be entertaining low-ball offers!

Nikon D800 body has been sold

This body gets used when I want to have plenty of pixels to play with, either to make a large high-res image, or because I’m taking action shots and I won’t know exactly which parts of the image the action will be in. Shoot first and ask questions later! For example, small birds which aren’t predictable in their movements. As a result, the shutter count is a very low 6,599 (it’s good for 200,000!) This is an excellent full-frame camera that makes images up to 7,360 x 4,912 pixels in size. Just about any Nikon F mount lens will work on it, and the large screen makes checking your images a breeze, especially when you zoom in to see the tiniest details. Video or still images can be previewed on the back screen – especially useful for tripod shots. This is one of the last models which still has a pop-up flash, which creates a surprising amount of light, and can act as a master for Advanced Wireless Lighting with auxiliary Nikon flash units.

Full specs on the Nikon site.

The camera is in excellent shape – no scratches, no wear marks, and no issues mechanically. Box and all original accessories are included. The strap and battery charger cable are unused. I’m asking $1,300 CDN. In person, cash transaction only, in or near Oakville, ON.

Sigma 24-70 mm  DG EX f2.8 Zoom lens

This is not the current Sigma model, but it is a fine lens, built in Japan, that maintains a maximum f2.8 throughout the zoom range and allows for wonderful selective focus shots with beautiful bokeh in the out-of-focus parts. Some wear on the rubber zoom and focus rings, no problems optically and mechanically. I’m asking $450 CDN, when purchased in conjunction with the D800. In person cash transaction only, in or near Oakville, ON.

Text David at 647 360 5664 for further information (this number is temporary, and is only connected when I’m on wi-fi, but texts will get through when I next connect.)

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