Mundane Monday Moments

I have a backlog of video footage (now that it’s not on film, should we say bittage?) that I was going to turn into full length You Tube masterpieces, but never did. However, now that I’ve forgotten what I was doing in the videos, I’ve decided to extract the unique ideas (if any) from all the clips and publish short videos which show a simple idea fairly quickly – in a moment, if you will. My aim is to publish these each week on a Monday.

As an experiment, I am trying out an AI text-to-voice generator for the voice-over on some of the later videos. The program is much better than I am at following the script, and probably has a nicer sounding voice than I do, but doesn’t always get the rhythm and emphasis the way it should be. It seems faster for me to use this app, but I’m wondering if that’s because I have to think and type out the exact words first, which I tend not to do if I’m recording the voice-over myself. I’m undecided – let me know how you feel about each method – I’d appreciate your feedback!

I’ve created a playlist of these videos, which you can view by clicking on the image below. You can also choose from all the videos on the playlist by clicking on the top right icon below (three bars and a play symbol). Once you are viewing any video, can skip to the next (or previous) one using the controls in the bottom left.

For individual viewing, here are some recommended videos:

Pool filter cartridge cleaning

My way of washing a pool filter cartridge, checking that it’s clean, and how I do a chemical soak if that’s necessary.


Installing a stop switch

What you need to install a stop switch for a router table, and how I did it. This method uses a ready-made extension cord rather than buying cable and then installing the plugs at each end. Additionally, it allows the router to be removed from the table for use elsewhere.


Lawn stripes for everyone!

A quick and dirty (I stole the video from a security camera!) guide to upping your lawn-mowing game with lawn stripes. I’m not sure if all mowers can create stripes – you may need a flap that brushes the cut grass to lie in one direction. Lawn Boy mowers tend to have these, or at least, the two I’ve owned have.


Never lose a gate latch padlock again!

There’s a built-in spot to store a padlock on most gate latches. Using this place can mean never having to scour the back yard to find your missing padlock again!


Custom Paver Tamping tool

Daily maintenance of your swimming pool can be made more efficient and save time. Here are some tips to improve your experience of dealing with the lowly skimmer basket. Includes some bonus footage of wildlife surprises found in the basket.