Resources for Climate Change awareness

That’s rather a grand post title for what, at the moment, is a handful of graphics, but it’s a start.

My niece is very active in Extinction Rebellion in Amsterdam, and posts her thoughts on Facebook and probably elsewhere. One day a few weeks back, she suggested that there may be a majority of people out here in the rest of the world who agree there is a climate emergency, or maybe even a crisis. The problem is, most of us are pretty quiet about it, and maybe even think we must be a minority, or wrong. Actually, there are a LOT of problems, and that in itself is a problem, as it becomes quite overwhelming if one ponders for too long. Anyway, my niece threw out the suggestion that people “come out” and declare themselves, so others will see that they’re not alone. Now that’s something that many people can get an immediate handle on, and do something about. Every great journey starts with a first step, and all that.

So this post is my declaration, and my attempt to make it even easier for anyone to spread the word themselves, by providing a variety of graphics sized to work well on social media.

I have spent far too many years vaguely wondering how we could pump oil and water, mine coal, minerals and ore, cut down trees, gather megatons of marine life from the sea, dump our garbage anywhere out of sight and spew smoke into the air and sewage into the water without any consequences. I thought “we” must know what we were doing, or someone would stop us. Well, I was wrong. The consequences are upon us, or in my case I might slip by with few consequences, but I know my children will have to live with them. So my public contribution is this post. My private contributions will continue to be a commitment to repair, reuse and recycle more and replace less; to reduce my energy consumption; and to remember not to complain if I end up paying more in taxes, or for buying local rather than shipping something around the world in a mountain of cardboard boxes. I encourage you to consider doing something similar.

Please feel free to download and publish any of the graphics below, and  to share this post so that others can make their own choices. I suggest you click on the image you like before saving it to your device, so that you get the full resolution.

Image credits

Old Bedouin Woman-
Polar bear on ice floe –
Tornado – Nikolas Noonan (Unsplash)
Dead wood/tree – michal-prucha (Unsplash)
Composite photo made from the above two
Other photos from collections in RelayThat software

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